2015-16 (ongoing)

Kopo Safi

Course: "Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Design"
Instructor: Conrad Zapanta
Partners: Annette Ritchie, Kelsey Rhee, Sun-young Wang

1 in 10 people on Earth don't have access to safe water. In Rwanda, it's closer to 1 in 3. And even though the water they can get to isn't safe, it's still necessary, and many people travel miles to gather their daily water in jugs (and then lug them back). The team of CMU alumni behind the company Kopo saw this for themselves, and saw an opportunity to make both the transport and sanitation of water easier for people in developing countries.

I'm currently working with a group of CMU engineering students to design an add-on for Kopo's innovative jerry-can that will remove sediment in the water before it enters the can. (Due to Kopo's current "stealth mode", the specifics must remain unspecific—for now.) As the designer of my group, I'm responsible for the form of the device, as well as helping Kopo design for manufacturing.