Playground festival '15

Partners: Camille Rohrlich, School of Drama

Playground is a CMU Drama tradition with a decade-plus history. At Playground, drama students get the opportunity to perform original works—whether dance, movement, musical, installation, or any other crazy idea those theatre kids get in their heads. Every year, the School of Drama reaches out to students to design the print collateral for the festival. This year, I seized the opportunity.

My logo and branding drew on hand-written letters as inspiration. I created the first runs at the logo in ink pen, with a multitude of different nibs to reflect the multivaried nature of the festival. Then, I created a series of abstract line drawings with each nib. Finally I digitized and deconstructed the drawings, using them in the printed branding.

The total collateral for Playground numbered over 30 printed pieces: posters, t-shirts, large-scale banners, show programs, and badges for staff. I'd never worked on such a large print project before, so it was both a ton of fun and a painful learning experience. But I'm told the faculty may re-use my logo in coming years, so—worth it!

Playground Playground Playground Playground Playground