P l e a s e f u l l s c r e e n t h i s p a g e .

S a v a g e S u r v i v i n g

Welcome...to the forbidden desert. It is a desert city that suprisingly has many rivers. The danger is that there are sandstorms and deadlytornados and hurricanes.

Well, it all started when I was on a mission in a hellicopter when it crashed! Then I changed my ways of survival, and am telling things to you from the forrbidden dessert. Wamt to start? (of course you do...) let's go! We need o escape this dwsert...fast. When night comes, deadly invincable monsters come out. Like these ones.
The Death Spider, Skelloton, Death explosion, and my personal favorite, the Dual Dragon, made of fire. Two heads, one has bue fire, one has red. We must escape!
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T h e s t o r y . . .

Hi. I'm pretty sure you know me, but if you don't, i'm Savage Destroyer. I will say Destroyer as my name, not I. Destroyer was on the forbidden dessert.. He was on a rock surrounded by quicksand, whem he spotted a tunnel! Leap of faith, he thought. So he jumped...and barely made it!! "Phew," he said...and he spotted more ruins and wicked sharp cacti. He managed to dodge all, and went in the last destroyed hut and entered it. There was a portal. he entered. He escaped...but not comepletely.

S a v a g e s u r v i v i n g : P a r t t w o .

He got to a space station...you need to get to the portal to earth.
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Well, he was trapped between worlds. And he needed to get to earth...fast. An astroid was comming. And it was big and fast. It was getting dangourous. And waht's more it's on fire!

T h e s t o r y . . .

Destroyer was in a walking across rocks in lava. He barely lived in the last one and lived...then he entered the void. He fortanately got to the end to the portal...where he relized something about earth.

P a r t T h r e e . . .

Want to escape earth?

t h e s t o r y...

Cars are alive, polution is maximum, and robots are taking over the world! Must catch the spaceship to mars! And of course destroyer get's to the ship, and is safe at the refuge at mars...sort of.

Savage Surving: Part Three...

You made it to mars and are out of oxygen! Escape!

The story:

He made it simple.

S a v a g e s u r v i v i n g f i n a l e :

You went through the portal to earth...and it was normalized.
paper mincraft: my game.

uh oh...the Death Ice!

Your celebratory...
(ignore the This Page Says.)